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As a non-profit organization, we strongly encourage individuals and organizations to show their support for the Centre prévention suicide Faubourg by becoming one of our members!

Each and every individual show of support from the community is a vote of confidence that feeds our team members and reinforces our collective efforts to ensure that more and more people in the Laurentian region no longer consider suicide as an option.

Being a member of the CPS Faubourg is…

  • Be part of the solution for free
  • Be able to elect your representatives to our board of directors
  • Have the opportunity to sit on our Board of Directors yourself
  • Take SIMPLE and FREE action that makes a difference


By completing this form, you are assuming that you meet any conditions that the Board of Directors may enact by regulation.

Fill out the online form now and tell your friends…in the name of life!

Thanks for your support.

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24/24 RESPONSE LINE | 1-866 APPELLE (277-3553)

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