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Services to community stakeholders (social workers)

Ongoing support for clients…

Through the 24/7 telephone intervention line, the Faubourg is able to provide support to the clientele of community social workers outside of their office hours.

Support for community social workers…

Stakeholders have access at all times to punctual support (coaching) through the telephone intervention line. In addition, it’s possible to generate a first contact with the clientele by calling the Faubourg at the time of the meeting.

Consultations and case studies in the community…

Faubourg supervisors go into intervention settings upon request to discuss intervention strategies or to attend specific case studies.

Clinical support for workers affected by a client’s suicide…

Every social worker may at some point be faced with a client’s suicide or attempted suicide. In such a case, this person has free access to a specific clinical support service for community social workers.

Training programs…

Awareness-raising sessions, training sessions accredited by Emploi Québec and conferences are offered to stakeholders who wish to acquire skills closely related to the issue of suicide. All of our training, awareness sessions and conferences are also offered in the workplace.  The resource persons adjust the proposed content according to the clientele in the workplace and the needs identified by the participants. Costs vary depending on the activity and the workplace (network and private versus community) and include taxes, documentation and travel expenses.

For more information on our training programs >>

Research and additional learning …

For those wanting to further develop their knowledge, the Faubourg offers to its workers and community workers, opportunities to deepen topics related to the issue of suicide. With an innovative formula, the Faubourg organizes an annual conference-workshop day to offer concrete support tools to people in need. In addition, the Faubourg actively collaborates in research activities closely related to the problem of suicide and is a member of the C.R.I.S.E. (Centre de recherche et d’intervention sur le suicide et l’euthanasie) of UQAM.

Raising awareness among clients…

Awareness sessions on suicide prevention or suicide bereavement are offered in various settings, according to the needs of the client. Resource persons also travel to present the Faubourg’s services free of charge and discuss them with clients.

The partner line: 450 565-0490…

The establishment of the partner line is one of the initiatives of the Centre Prévention Suicide Faubourg to reduce the congestion/load on its intervention line.  This way, we are able to ensure the availability of our social workers on a priority basis in responding to calls from our clientele. Organizations, private and public companies and schools are invited to contact us by phone or to leave a message.  We will contact them within a maximum of 48 hours.

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24/24 RESPONSE LINE | 1-866 APPELLE (277-3553)



NEED HELP? Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Toll free throughout Quebec 1 866 APPELLE (277-3553)

Local calls within the Laurentians 450 569-0101


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